2017 Field-To-Fork Agritourism Experience – An Authentic Foodie Experience

What a magical day! Savor Gettysburg’s Field-To-Fork Agritourism tour took us through the historic backroads of Adams County where we visited a goat farm, harvested fresh produce and fruit, sampled wines and local cider and learned the art of shiitake mushroom growing.  After a day of harvesting, the group gathered under the sprawling maple tree at Beech Springs Farm to enjoy a gourmet dinner meticulously prepared by Chef Jennifer Boger. The entire day proved to be a truly unique experience, but the icing on the cake was the ability to meet and listen to each farmer talk about their personal experiences in their field.  Altogether an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The 2018 season features four Field To Fork Agritourism experiences on these dates:

July 28, 2018, August 25, 2018, September 1, 2018, October 13, 2018


Plan on a full day of new experiences from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Tickets are $155 per person and can be purchased at https://www.savorgettysburgfoodtours.com/field-to-fork-agritourism-experience.html.  For further information, please call 717-688-9584.





Field-to-Fork Agritourism Experience: A New Way to Explore Gettysburg Area Farmlands

This summer, join Savor Gettysburg and step into the countryside for an exciting new all-day culinary journey—the Field-to-Fork Agritourism Experience. The event is perfect for experienced foodies or those who would like to expand their interest in farm-grown food and cooking. Tours will take place July 22, August 19 and September 9.

“This is an exciting next step for Savor Gettysburg Food Tours,” said owner and tour guide Lori Korczyk. “Our goal is to introduce and connect guests directly to the farmer, to create that opportunity to hear the farmer’s story and develop a relationship so guests can revisit when they return to Adams County.”

Guests will travel Adams County’s historic country roads, stopping at various local farms for hands-on tours to learn about the rich and varied agriculture long nestled within the rolling orchards and farmland surrounding historic Gettysburg.

“I’m very thankful for Lori and her food tours,” said participating chef Jennifer Boger. “She brings us all together—from chefs like me to home cooks and farmers. We can all learn from each other and create our passion, which is food.”

Hands-on opportunities will include harvesting seasonal produce and discovering the area’s finest agricultural offerings, including apples, artisanal goat products, wine and cider, honey, mushrooms, vegetables and more.

Each tour will end at Beech Springs Farm, where guests will help harvest fresh herbs and vegetables from the farm’s gardens and will be invited to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Guests will be served wine and cheese during an interactive chef demonstration to turn the day’s harvests into a fresh, delicious meal. Meals will be prepared by Chef Jeremy Schaffner (July 22), Chef Jennifer Boger (August 19) and Chef Chris Spear (September 9).

“I really enjoy going with the flow,” said chef Chris Spear. “My style tends to be contemporary, mid-Atlantic and Southern with global influences, so I’m looking forward to working with the harvest the guests bring with them to pull together a delicious seasonal meal. They can relax, observe and ask questions.”

Guests will finish their day by reaping the benefits of the Field-to-Fork Experience under a beautiful maple shade tree at Beech Springs Farm. Savor Gettysburg and its tour collaborators can’t wait to show you all that the Gettysburg area farmlands have to offer! Read on for a snapshot of tour locations.

Caprine Delight

Caprine Delight is located less than four miles west of Gettysburg. This stop will include a farm tour and a chance to purchase artisan goats’ milk and cheese—including First Shot Feta, Generals Caraway and Dill Picnic—for use later in the day in the kitchen. With Alpine dairy goats roaming on rotated pasture, Caprine Delight is thrilled to introduce its fresh, natural and delicious goat milk and cheese to the tour guests.

Owner Candy Walker shared that the farm “appreciates this opportunity to showcase our natural aged raw milk cheeses and goat milk, from our own Alpine goats, raised without GMOs, soy and antibiotics.” She continued on to say, “Buying direct from the farmer is the best way to ensure that farming remains viable in our culture.”

Boyer Nurseries & Orchards

The tour will travel another six miles into the heart of Adams County to Boyer Nurseries, nestled among rolling orchards. Family-owned and -operated since 1900, Boyer offers flowers, shrubs, trees, pick-your-own seasonal fruit and a stocked fruit market. Guests will learn more about this family business, have a chance to harvest seasonal fruit and visit the nurseries’ new wine/cider tasting room featuring cider made with Boyer’s own apples (tour attendees for August 19 will enjoy the Adams County Winery tasting room).

Beech Springs Farm

Located a few miles from Boyer’s Nursery is Beech Springs Farm. Jayne Shord, the farm’s owner, will greet the tour group, show them her garden and talk about the farm-to-table philosophy of the farm and the heirloom produce grown for local restaurants and on-farm events. Guests will have the opportunity to hand-pick vegetables and herbs from the garden and learn about the farm’s honey bees.

Up the road a short distance is Jayne’s neighbor and fellow farmer, Peter, who inoculates logs to produce shiitake mushrooms. After a short introduction to mushroom growing, everyone will have a chance to harvest mushrooms directly from the logs and gather eggs from the farm’s henhouse.

Back at Jayne’s farm, a local/regional chef will conduct an interactive cooking demonstration

and prepare a meal that will include all of the fresh ingredients gathered throughout the day. Guests will be able to relax and watch the chef while sipping and nibbling on wine and cheese. If the weather holds out, guests will enjoy their feast under the big Maple shade tree along with fellow tour guests and the chef.

“I feel honored to be in this movement of clean eating,“ added Chef Boger, “sharing with people what food can really taste like and how good it is for your body and soul. It’s great to be able to take people to the source where we can all learn how to really appreciate our food.”

The cost for the full-day (9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) Field-to-Fork Agritourism Experience is $125 per person. To ensure that everyone has a full and personal experience, the tour is designed for a limited group of 14 guests.

To purchase tickets and learn more about how you can participate in this exciting, educational and delicious tour, visit the Savor Gettysburg Food Tours website.

Photos, top to bottom: Beech Springs Farm, Caprine Delight, Caprine Delight, Boyer Nurseries, Beech Springs Farm

New food tour launches in Gettysburg, PA. Latest experience takes participants from the field to the fork

If you are looking for a truly unique agricultural food experience, join us on our newest adventure as we travel the back roads of Adams County and visit some of our local farms.  At each location, you will harvest ingredients that will be used to prepare a deliciously fresh meal at our journey’s end.  From visiting a local dairy where Alpine goats roam on open pasture and you will learn about how artisan goat cheese is made, to visiting an orchard where you will harvest fruit from their pick-your-own orchard and sample wine and cider in the orchard’s wine cellar, to harvesting herbs and vegetables direct from a CSA garden, learning about how Shiitake mushrooms are grown and bees are raised to collecting eggs from free range chickens, your day will be packed full of farming experiences.   At your final destination, an area chef will combine all of the products collected throughout the day into a fabulous meal that will be served (weather dependent) under the spreading arms of the farm’s enormous maple tree.  A late afternoon return to Gettysburg with tummies full and the memories of a day full of unique farming adventures will complete this truly rare field-to-fork experience.”

Here’s a sample of some of the locations that we visit:
We’ll first visit Caprine Delight, located less than four miles west of Gettysburg, for a farm tour and to purchase artisan goats’ milk and cheese for use later in the day in the kitchen. With Alpine dairy goats roaming on rotated pasture, Caprine Delight is thrilled to introduce you to its fresh, natural and delicious goat milk and cheese.
We’ll travel another six miles into the heart of Adams County to Boyer Nurseries, nestled among rolling orchards. Family-owned and operated since 1900, Boyer offers flowers, shrubs, trees, pick-your-own seasonal fruit and a stocked fruit market. You will learn more about this family business, have a chance to harvest seasonal fruit and visit the nurseries’ new wine/cider tasting room featuring cider made with Boyer’s own delicious apples.
We’ll then cross Adams County to Beech Springs Farm, where farmer Jayne Shord will greet you, show you her garden and explain how she created her CSA and started providing her seasonal produce and fruit to local restaurants. You will then have the opportunity to hand-pick and wash seasonal vegetables and herbs. An added bonus: you’ll learn all about the bee-raising process, including harvesting the honey.
We’ll head up the road to visit Jayne’s neighbor and fellow farmer, Peter Bugler. Peter will explain how he inoculates logs to produce shiitake mushrooms, and everyone will have a chance to pick the mushrooms directly from the logs. You will also select freshly laid eggs.
Back at Jayne’s farm, you’ll have an interactive demonstration with a local/regional chef to prepare a meal based on all the fresh ingredients gathered throughout the day. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, you’ll enjoy your feast under the big maple tree.  

Visiting Gettysburg Isn’t Just for Summertime: Find Out Why!

The dog days of summer are behind us. Baseball season is winding down and the kids are back in school. But just because the heat and humidity have gone south doesn’t mean an end to adventure!

Autumn is a perfect time of year to grab an overnight bag and head out for a getaway. And what better spot to visit than Gettysburg? The battlefield is fully accessible, our food tours are loving this crisp weather and the apple harvest season is upon us. Think sweet and savory, everything hearty and baked goods galore. It’s the season to please your palate with an amazing array of culinary options from our local bed and breakfasts and more. Cozy up with a friend, sneak away with your mom or snag that special someone and come see all that Gettysburg has to offer!

Baladerry Inn


Dating back to 1812, the Baladerry has no shortage of history. Here you’ll have the seasonal choice to dine at your own table indoors or outside on the terrace. Guests rave about the stuffed French toast with honey orange butter sauce and sausage and the homemade egg- and bacon-filled crepe on the breakfast menu. If you have special dietary concerns or restrictions, the Inn is happy to accommodate. With no shortage of baked goods and complimentary beverages 24 hours a day, the Baladerry will pamper you with anything from Texas brownies to pecan pie muffins, so be prepared to partake! 40 Hospital Rd.; (717) 337-1342.

Brafferton Inn

Located a block east of Lincoln Square, the Brafferton Inn is centered around a stone house in the heart of Gettysburg. Featuring fresh-baked cookies, coffee, tea and hot chocolate each afternoon, this spot will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast served daily in the circa-1815 dining room. It includes fresh fruit, homemade pastries, vegetarian options, fruit salad, muffins and more. For the foodie in you, include the wine and cheese package with your stay. 44 York St.; (717) 337-3423.

Brickhouse Inn

Located in Gettysburg’s downtown historic district, the Brickhouse Inn is a 1898 three-story Victorian within minutes of battlefield walks. Breakfast is served in the two dining rooms, although in the warmer months guests may sit outside in the patio and gardens. The three-course breakfast allows guests to enjoy fresh fruit or parfait, a sweet or savory main entree and breakfast dessert to follow! Sample the signature shoo-fly pie but also save room for other choices like raspberry almond tart, lemon tart or blueberry buckle. The Brickhouse is pleased to source many ingredients locally from the farmers’ markets. 452 Baltimore St.; (717) 338-9337.

The Doubleday Inn


Innkeepers Christine and Todd have tons of energy and it shows: They make sure guests enjoy their stay at this beautiful inn, the only one located right on the Gettysburg battlefield. For an experience you won’t forget, let them host you for a weekend. Take a morning stroll through history along the pastoral landscape and then come inside for a delicious, hearty breakfast featuring fresh, local ingredients, including local eggs from Weikert’s Egg Farm. Even better—Christine and Todd will send you right to the sources of those ingredients so you may take some home with you. From fresh fruit and bacon to French toast and eggs, you won’t leave hungry. And after a day of exploring, come back for afternoon tea and cookies. 104 Doubleday Ave.; (717) 334-9119.


The Gaslight Inn

An elegant building with a backyard oasis where guests may relax, The Gaslight Inn is nestled just a block from Lincoln Square. If you are a glutton for punishment and all things carb-a-licious, please do yourself a favor and try any number of the baked goods here, including lemon-glaze drizzled lemon poppy seed doughnuts, mini Key lime cheesecakes with a candied lime garnish or pink lemonade cupcakes. If you want sweet on the lighter side, try the amazing sliced local peaches with a bit of Greek yogurt, blueberries and granola. With the innkeepers’ great attention to detail, you’ll find yourself in good hands. 33 E. Middle St.; (717) 337-9100.

SG Gaslight credit Gaslight.jpg

Keystone Inn

Let’s start with the afternoon brownies, shall we? Not to mention the tea available all day and the beautiful, large front porch on which to relax with said treats. If you want a hearty start to your day of exploring, look no further than the full, hot, country-style breakfast. Start light with fresh fruit and move on to a freshly baked pastry, but save room for the entree. Previous guests can’t say enough about the egg, ham, cheese and tomato souffle. And perhaps you’ll be lucky to sample the cinnamon-apple pancakes, because it wouldn’t be Adams County without a little apple! 231 Hanover St.; (717) 337-3888.

Lightner Farmhouse

With mom Eileen managing guest services, dad Dennis in charge of caretaking and son Jason running the kitchen (with Dad’s help), you’ll feel right at home in the Hoover’s family-run B&B. Jason’s culinary background means he knows his way around the kitchen, and you will not be disappointed. The light and cheery breakfast room will certainly meet your needs. Start with sweet breads and muffins, enjoy a scrumptious fruit dish and feel decadent with pancakes or eggs with a side of bacon or sausage. The French toast and cinnamon sugar waffles get rave reviews! 2350 Baltimore Pike; (717) 337-9508 or 866-337-9508.

When you visit Gettysburg this fall, make it an overnight because there is so much to see and many local ingredients to sample. After you start your day with a gourmet breakfast, join us for the Historic Downtown Food Tour, the Farmer’s Market Tour and Cooking Class or the Wine, Cider and Dine Tour. In the heart of this small town, there is a surge of culinary prowess and simply delicious family-style and intimate dining experiences awaiting you from local bed and breakfasts to family-owned eateries. Come join us!

Erin Phelps

Photo credits, top to bottom: Baladerry Inn, Doubleday Inn, Doubleday Inn, Gaslight Inn

6 Gettysburg Experiences to Enjoy This Fall

Fall in Gettysburg is refreshing, relaxing and really amazing. It’s hard not to anticipate the crisp air, gorgeous pastoral views of the Battlefield, surrounding fiery-colored vistas and crunchy leaves under your feet as you walk downtown. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t highlight some special events that welcome all that comes with the fall harvest season. Here is a highlight of the area’s fall happenings:



The National Apple Harvest Festival is always held during the first two full weekends in October. Join the celebration of apple everything that has been going on for 51 years. If you haven’t tried apple sausage, fried apple slices, freshly pressed cider or apple pizza, then you must attend. The festival has something for everyone, with hundreds of arts and crafts dealers, demonstrations, contests, food stands and entertainment.

The festival takes place in the heart of Pennsylvania Apple Country at the South Mountain Fairgrounds, near historic Gettysburg, and within a two-hour drive of Washington DC, Baltimore and Harrisburg. Special attractions include performances in the Apple Auditorium, antique cars and steam engine displays, orchard tours, a petting zoo, craftsman demonstrations and even appearances by the Pennsylvania Apple Queen. The National Apple Harvest Festival is located at the South Mountain Fairgrounds, 615 Narrows Road in Biglerville—rain or shine!

Farmers’ Markets


The Adams County Farmers’ Market is a wonderful way to experience our abundant agriculture. Look beyond the battlefields for rolling hills of endless orchards, wineries, dairies and farms. You may know Pennsylvania for apples and peaches, but don’t miss the fresh fruits, berries, produce, flowers, herbs, artisan cheese, farm eggs and pumpkins; scenic vineyards; and hand-crafted skincare.

The Adams County Farmers’ Market can be found on Thursdays from 2–6 p.m. on Historic Lincoln Square in downtown Gettysburg and on Saturdays from 9 a.m.–2 p.m. at The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg. Hurry! Both markets close for the season at the end of October.


The Gettysburg Farmers’ Market is creating community thanks to a unique group of individuals with a passion for their products: family-owned businesses, farms and nurseries. Dining in and around Gettysburg, you’ll be pleased to also discover that many restaurants source their ingredients locally. We definitely take pride in all that there is to offer agriculturally!

Check it out Saturdays from 7 a.m.–noon in Historic Lincoln Square in downtown Gettysburg through October 29.

Food Tours

Cottage Pie

Remember those locally sourced ingredients we mentioned above? Well, at Savor Gettysburg, we offer a 3-hour food tasting experience and walking tour to show off Gettysburg’s culture and history. Our tours are suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Be prepared to delight your taste buds on our history-infused explorations. We have a few tours from which to choose:

  • Try our Historic Downtown Food Tour, offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. We unite food and fun noshing at Gettysburg’s finest ethnic eateries, historic taverns, family-owned bistros and wineries, all within about a mile of non-continuous, history-soaked walking!
  • Want to discover Gettysburg’s food and wine scene? Join our Wine, Cider and Dine Tour and savor four distinctive wineries nestled downtown joined with an artisanal food experience. Tours start at 5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Check out a farmers’ market with a chef AND learn how to prepare a gourmet recipe with your bounty in our Gettysburg Farmer’s Market Tour and Cooking Class! You’ll wander the market with one of our local chefs, who will show you how to select the highest quality produce and teach you new techniques for an inspiring kitchen experience. There are just two more classes: September 17 from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. (with Knob Hall Winery executive chef Jeremy Jones) and October 15 from 9:30 a.m.–1 p.m. (with Food 101 chef Jennifer Williams). Register today!

SG wine credit Ed.jpg

We hope you’ll check out all there is to do and see in Gettysburg this fall. Come join us—and don’t forget to pack a sweater!

Erin Phelps

Photo credits: apple, Michele Kornegay; shepherd’s pie, Savor Gettysburg; remaining photos: Ed Williams

An Insider’s Look Behind the Tour

Did you ever wonder what it takes to put together an all-encompassing food tour that delivers an unmatched experience for each and every guest that visits Gettysburg? At Savor Gettysburg, we strive to be the best and to seek out ways to be more effective, inspiring and unique. In fact, our goal is to make each guest feel comfortable, showcase this wonderful town that we call home and leave them saying, “WOW, that was amazing, informative, delicious and fun!”

We do everything we can to create a lasting memory for each and every guest on our tour. We thought we would share with you some of our owner Lori Korczyk’s favorite ways to make your experience memorable.

SG 4

Here for you.

“From the first meet and greet, I try to develop a social connection. I learn names, find out where people are from, and smile and acknowledge each guest. I start with the basics of making them feel comfortable, like offering a shaded area to sit before we begin the tour or providing umbrellas on a rainy day. I want to know whether our guests have visited Gettysburg before because that makes a huge difference in what their interests may be.”

Like a (food tour) virgin.

“90–95% of my guests are first-time food tour participants. This is great! But I am establishing the bar, so I feel a deep sense of responsibility to deliver an exceptional experience. If they have a great experience with me, hopefully when they travel anywhere else in the world they will consider taking a food tour and experiencing another town’s rich history and culinary delights. Not only am I introducing guests to our food establishments and local owners, but also to Gettysburg in general.”

SG 1

There is so much to do here! Call out of work.

“I feel it’s my duty to help introduce our guests to something new, to go above and beyond as far as delivering a great experience and to offer each guest as much information as I can about Gettysburg. Most guests say at the end of the tour, ‘Wow, I only planned on staying two days, but with so much to do here, I need to stay a week!’ I want them to walk away feeling that they got so much more than just a food tour.”

Hey, wanna see something cool?

“Along the tour, I like to point out places that are off the beaten path (something they wouldn’t have found on their own and is not publicized), like the tucked-away bistro seating behind Ragged Edge where guests can relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle, the flight of beer for only $5 at One Lincoln, museums, a walk through our Farmers Market on Saturday morning and free Song and Stories of the Civil War shows that truly deliver a unique Gettysburg experience. I feel that exceptional service is always in the details. Those are the things my guests remember most.”

SG 2

Say cheese!

“When I travel, it’s all about the experience for me: who I engage with, what I learn, what I take away and how I feel. Most of these experiences are delivered by frontline staff and tour guides. With that said, I’m always honored to be photographed during my tour and to know that I’m a part of someone’s vacation experience.”

Savor Gettysburg Food Tours strives to be the highlight of your trip—check us out this fall as Gettysburg shifts gracefully into autumn. There are only two Farmer’s Market Tour & Cooking Class outings left where you learn to cook like a chef from the area’s best chefs—September 17 and October 15. Don’t miss them! Then, continue to celebrate fall with our Historic Downtown Food Tour, our Wine, Cider and Dine Tour, many local festivals and happeningsFarm-to-Table dinners and more. We will be your path forward to explore and fall in love with our little town. Come join us!

Erin Phelps

Why You Need to Check Out Adams County’s Booming Food Scene

Planning a visit to Gettysburg can be happily overwhelming because there are so many wonderful spots to visit, whether you’re here to see the Battlefield, wander the historic downtown, shop, enjoy our agriculture or sample our wines.

This area may be famous for the Civil War, but our town has an incredible amount of diverse food and beverage offerings that pair nicely with our history. The following is a list of eateries, historic taverns, family-owned bistros and wineries (plus hard cider!) that we know will help make your trip even more memorable. Even better—many of these spots are part of our Food Tours, which makes visiting them super convenient, fun and easy. We hope you’ll join us!

Adams County Winery

One of the oldest wineries in Pennsylvania, Adams County Winery offers a broad variety of wines, from the dry red Turning Point to the sweet white Tears of Gettysburg. Join us on a tour and visit the winery’s downtown Wine Shop to sample wines and learn all about their winemaking process that’s spanned 40 years. 25 Chambersburg St., (717) 334-1381. 

Appalachian Brewing Company

From its new downtown Battlefield location, ABC serves eight flagship craft beers on tap and in 12-oz. bottles to tantalize your taste buds. Keep an eye out for seasonal specialty brews. Its formidable pub menu makes this a great spot for singles, couples and families alike. 259 Steinwehr Ave., (717) 334-2200. 

The Dobbin House

For historic charm and a throwback to a time even before the Civil War era, unwind at this colonial manor restaurant, bed & breakfast and gift shop. The beautifully restored stone home is warm, inviting and cozy with a downstairs alehouse, candlelit dining room and charming ballroom. The hospitality and elegance offer a unique experience not to be missed. 89 Steinwehr Ave., (717) 334-2100. 

SG eighty two

Eighty-Two Cafe

A new coffee shop in town, Eighty-Two Cafe features Ragged Edge Coffee and specializes in freshly roasted coffee, artisan coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, pastries, breakfast and brunch. We predict amazing things to come with this hot spot! 82 Steinwehr Ave., (717) 316-0039. 

Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery

Escape the hustle and bustle after a day touring Gettysburg and enjoy the beautiful drive to Fidler & Co., located in Biglerville. Both the location and the cuisine are memorable at this fabulous spot for rustic fare and gourmet to-go selections. Want to start your day off with an amazing brunch? Don’t miss the eggs benny, specialty pancakes and other incredible, locally sourced creations. 213 E. York St., Biglerville, (717) 677-7014. 

SG Fidler credit Alex

Garryowen Irish Pub

If you’re looking for a cozy pub featuring Irish fare, this is the place to be. Savor dinner in the dining room or pull up a barstool—downstairs or upstairs. Either way you’ll be pleased. Fresh ingredients, more than 85 varieties of whiskey and an inviting ambience combine for a stellar local dining experience. Come on the right night and you may just hear some acoustic live music. 126 Chambersburg St., (717) 337-2719. 

SG garryowen

Gettysburg Baking Co.

A sweet spot on the Historic Downtown Food Tour, Gettysburg Baking Co. is known for its delectable artisan breads and pastries. Honoring craft traditions from long ago, its signature Adams County sourdough is one not to miss. Pop in for breakfast, a meal to-go or coffee and dessert. 17 Lincoln Square, (717) 334-236 7.

Hauser Estate Winery

The home of Jack’s Hard Cider, Hauser has evolved into an alternative agri-tourism venture cultivating acres of grape vineyards on its fertile farmland. Hauser features not only a hilltop tasting room, winery and outdoor patio with stunning views of farmland, orchards and the surrounding area, but also a downtown tasting location. Stop in with us on the Historic Downtown Food Tour or the Wine, Cider and Dine Tour, and see all that Hauser has to offer, including fine wines and a line of hard ciders. 19 Lincoln Square, (717) 334-4888. 

SG Hauser credit Hauser Estate Winery

Kaitlyn’s Cafe on the Square

If the mere mention of a homemade slice of fresh strawberry cream cheesecake makes your toes curl and your mouth water, then you need to visit Kaitlyn’s. Our Historic Downtown Food Tour definitely makes time to visit Kaitlyn’s, which is no doubt one of the tastiest dessert spots in town. Bonus: the cafe serves Mr. G’s homemade ice cream. 1 Baltimore St., (717) 339-0009. 

Mason Dixon Distillery

This small-batch distillery is now open in Gettysburg, with craft distilling as its passion. Owned by a father/son duo, the downtown Gettysburg tasting room is a place for socializing, indulging in food and sipping on cocktails made with distilled liquors: rum, gin, vodka and whiskey. Take some time to check out this unique offering right in the heart of downtown. 331 E. Water St., (717) 398-3385. 

SG mason dixon

Mr. G’s

If you accompany us on our Historic Downtown Food Tour, you’ll get to stop in to this local favorite ice cream parlor housed in the historic John Winebrenner house, which stood during the Battle. With extensive flavor options, large portions and a downtown location in the midst of all the action, this homemade ice cream shop is a place you’ll want to visit more than once. 404 Baltimore St., (717) 334-7600. 

SG Mr Gs credit Ali Waxman Photography

Reid’s Orchard and Winery

Whether you join us for the Historic Downtown Food Tour or the Wine, Cider and Dine Tour, you’ll get to pay a visit to Reid’s Cider House Cafe. Tucked in among the hustle and bustle of downtown, it offers quiet moments at the tasting room sampling wine or hard cider paired with a cheese and cracker tray. Don’t pass up this cozy spot, which is a truly unique space and a testament to our local agriculture! 400 Baltimore St., (717) 334-7537. 

Round Barn Farm Market

While exploring Adams County’s breathtaking countryside and rolling orchards, stop in at the family-owned, historic Round Barn, built in 1914, for some photo ops. While there, check out the market for flowers, fruits, small-batch artisan breads, baked goods and more. 298 Cashtown Rd., Biglerville, (717) 334-1984. 

Sidney at Willoughby Run

Make it a point to stop in here for a fine dining experience featuring the culinary expertise of renowned chef/owner Neil Annis. With plentiful outdoor seating and views of the beautifully preserved Battlefield land, guests will enjoy small bites with sophisticated flavor prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The full bar and relaxing atmosphere bring urban contemporary dining to this small town in a hip and easygoing fashion. 730 Chambersburg Rd., (717) 334-3774. 

SG Tommys

Tommy’s Pizza

If you visit Gettysburg, you have to stop in at the staple Tommy’s Pizza on Steinwehr Avenue. From the golden-crusted pizzas and the dynamite subs to the on-site taps and growlers, this is the perfect family spot to relax after a day of sightseeing. Sit inside or out and enjoy a meal at this family-owned, long-time Gettysburg favorite. 105 Steinwehr Ave., (717) 334-8966. 

Erin Phelps

Fidler & Co. photo credit: Alexandra Whitney Photography; Hauser Estate Winery photo credit: Hauser Estate Winery; Mr. G’s photo credit: Ali Waxman Photography; remaining photos credited to Savor Gettysburg

In the News: What The Experts Are Saying About Our Tours

There’s nothing better than knowing that our patrons love our tours because we certainly love showing off our small town and all it has to offer. We thought we’d highlight some of the (great!) reviews posted on various review websites, like Tripadvisor and Yelp, over the past year. Read on to see why you should make Savor Gettysburg Food Tours part of your travel agenda.


Wasn’t sure what to expect and thought the price was a little high but…from the first bite of fresh-ingredient gourmet pizza, the tour just kept getting better and better. The tour guide Lori was amazing and provided a lot of history of the area which was fascinating. We were pleasantly stuffed. Well worth the money.

“Fun Tour”

Been on quite a few food tours and this tour was one of the best; all of the places we visited provided great samples with seating to enjoy the food. Water was also provided. Our tour guide was well informed and gave us a good history of Gettysburg. [I] would highly recommend this tour.


“A Gettysburg MUST!”

What an exquisite way to spend three hours! Lori, our very gifted tour guide, was a wealth of knowledge. Her ability to tell a story draws you in and leaves you wishing she could accompany you throughout Gettysburg. The tour itself is amazing! The food sample sizes are perfect! You won’t go hungry.

From Las Vegas

This tour is well worth the money and time. They give you seven different places to try food and one is a winery. I have done this tour twice and have tasted different foods and restaurants. The tour guide we had was great and loves doing the tour. They give you some history of Gettysburg. Definitely do this tour!


From Carlisle

A delectable way of hitting a couple of restaurants to tantalize your taste buds and learning a few highlights of Gettysburg without being overwhelmed with too much Civil War facts. Owner and Guide Lori Korczyk (whole family are reenactors) selected some delicious establishments to create a memorable and lasting print on our palate that has me craving for a return visit…real soon. In our three-hour adventure, we were able to incorporate seven restaurants and a short stop at Shriver House Museum which gave us the ‘civilians/locals’ point of view/involvement during the three battles. I will definitely return for a museum tour. Lori did a fabulous job keeping her historical information short and simple but enough to appreciate what occurred along with historical info about the restaurants. Worth the money…EVERYONE came out either full or very content.

Word of mouth recommendations are our best means of sharing how our tours spread our love for all things Gettysburg. We want to show you a different side of Gettysburg—and we know you won’t be disappointed. Book a tour and come join us!

—Erin Phelps

Photos by Jame Thatcher

Make It an Overnight (or Weekend!) in Gettysburg

On the eve of Memorial Day, summer vacation planning is in full swing, and we hope Gettysburg is on your list! With an abundance of history, agriculture and an impressive food and drink scene, there are plenty of activities, tours and destinations to fill an agenda. Peruse our list of highlighted to-dos and make it an overnight (or weekend) in Gettysburg!

Apple Country Explorations

Whether it’s farm-to-table dining, historic discoveries, antique hunting, a love of all things cider or exploring area orchards and farmers’ markets, so many options are at the fingertips of every local and visitor.

SG fidler

Farm-to-Table Dining

Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen, located in the heart of Adams County apple country, is a craft-based kitchen dedicated to providing the best in upscale rustic cuisine, drawing influence from the vast farmland that surrounds the restaurant. Dine in (BYOB) for a laidback experience, or order a gourmet boxed lunch in advance and enjoy a picnic on the battlefield. Either way you are assured a delicious meal from a fine dining restaurant that’s still growing and flexing its farm-to-table muscle.

Beech Springs Farm offers a Second Sunday Supper Series second to none. Each distinctly different dinner event features live entertainment, locally sourced beverage pairings and delectable menus prepared by amazing guest chefs. The dinner ticket includes a self-guided garden tour, welcome cocktails, a five-course farm-to-table menu, course pairings, entertainment and tax and gratuity. July’s Outdoor BBQ dinner features guest chef Josh Fidler of Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen with entertainment from Across the Pond.

Scenic Adams County Tour

There is so much to see in Adams County outside of Gettysburg, and it’s definitely worth exploring beyond the town limits. Not sure where to go? Let the Scenic Adams County Tour do the work for you, as you get to sit back, relax and enjoy. The 4½-hour tour covers five tasting locations and a winery tour, offering a scrumptious opportunity to learn more about the agriculture that helps put Adams County on the map. Visit Savor Gettysburg to order tickets.

cooking class

Farmers’ Markets

We’re thrilled to add to our tour list the Farmers’ Market Tour and Cooking Class. With four dates available (July 16, August 20, September 17 and October 15), you can certainly make a weekend trip around this fun and explorative tour. Join our local chefs for a colorful walk through Gettysburg’s Farmers’ Market, where they will show you how to shop like a chef. This dynamic downtown experience is filled with inspiration coupled with chef’s tips and techniques. You will never look at fresh produce the same! Then it’s on to the kitchen for a hands-on cooking class where the chef will teach you how to turn the bounty from the market into creative and delicious dishes, paired with local wines. The menus are created based on seasonal ingredients, all 100% delicious and fun and easy to prepare.

With all the knowledge you gained from the Farmers’ Market Tour and Cooking Class, you can take a morning and head into apple country for a stop at the Historic Round Barn & Farm Market for photos, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables and baked goods. Then drive through the orchards over to Hollabaugh Bros. in Biglerville for an amazing selection of fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, baked and dried goods and more. If you want to stick close to downtown, you can still enjoy the area’s fresh produce Saturday mornings around the square at the Gettysburg Farmers’ Market. If you are making a midweek getaway, check out the Adams County Farmers’ Market, which sets up Thursdays on the square.

SG farmers markets

Wine, Craft Beer and Spirits

Gettysburg is seeing a surge in local wineries, craft breweries and distilleries. Being recognized for more than the battlefield history, this little town is making its own name, even being coined Cider Town USA because of the amazing agriculture and resurgence of hard ciders. For the true history buff, sample Good Intent Cider, a family-owned and -operated cidery in Adams County that features a cider (Rose Farm Orchard) made using apples directly from the battlefield. Be sure to head out of town on Route 30 west for a beautiful ride into apple country and a breathtaking view from the patio at Hauser Estate Winery, home of Jack’s Hard Cider. While out that way you can also visit Reid’s Orchard & Winery, or find them in town at The Cider House Cafe, their tasting location.

For a relaxing and casual evening in an old barn full of character, check out Battlefield Brew Works. Their selection of slow hand-crafted beers will bring you a historic experience like no other. If you’re looking for a convenient-to-downtown craft beer restaurant, hit up the new Appalachian Brewing Company location on Steinwehr Avenue. If it’s spirits you crave, be sure to check out the Mason Dixon Distillery coming this year. The small-batch craft distillery will be a welcome addition to Gettysburg’s beverage scene. If you want to rub shoulders with the locals while still feeling Gettysburg’s historic vibe, stop in to the Garryowen Irish Pub on Chambersburg Street. With its welcoming atmosphere, the “Go” offers fantastic food, the choice between dining at the bar or in the dining room and a great selection of whiskey and live music.

If you want the fun of exploring but don’t want the responsibility of choosing the destination, book a Wine, Cider and Dine Tour with Savor and we will do the work for you! With stops at four wineries—Adams County WineryHauser Estate WineryKnob Hall Winery and Reid’s Orchard and Winery—and dining at Food 101, a gourmet dining establishment on Lincoln Square, all locations are within the downtown area, creating a scenic walking tour of historic Gettysburg.

SG cider

PA Cider Fest

Make it a weekend and visit Gettysburg for the upcoming PA Cider Fest, Pennsylvania’s premier cider-tasting event. Kicking off Friday night with a Meet-the-Cider-Makers Dinner, the Cider Fest takes places Saturday, June 25, from noon to 4 p.m. at Hauser Estate Winery, the home of Jack’s Hard Cider. The Cider Fest will feature samples of Pennsylvania ciders, cider and apple workshops and seminars, an artisan market and music by Schizophonic. Also enjoy tap takeovers, pairings, dinners and brunches in Gettysburg from various Pennsylvania cider makers throughout the weekend. This event is a perfect excuse to get away, tour Adams County, learn all about cider and support our local businesses.

Dinner and a Room

With all these activities, you’ll certainly want to arrange for a relaxing overnight. Wrap up a busy week or a day of touring Gettysburg at the Inn at Herr Ridge for a Bordeaux Wine Dinner and stay the night. Experience the allure of a private dining room amidst a 4,000-bottle collection in a historic building. For a romantic one-stop outing, book dinner and a room and leave all your worries at home. The cost to attend the Bordeaux Wine Dinner at The Inn at Herr Ridge is $125 per person, not including tax and gratuity.

Looking to add a little drama to your weekend in Gettysburg? Tour the battlefield by day and enjoy a Murder Mystery Dinner at the Lightner Farmhouse B&B as part of your overnight visit. Each guest plays a character throughout dinner and the evening until the mystery is solved. Looking for something less dramatic? Gather family and friends for a four-course meal with wine pairing—you can even rent the whole B&B to make it a family getaway weekend.

Gettysburg has overnight options galore—from the historic Gettysburg HotelBattlefield Bed & Breakfast and Federal Pointe Inn to the various campgrounds around the outskirts of town (Gettysburg CampgroundRound Top CampgroundBattlefield KOAArtillery RidgeGranite Hill and Drummerboy), there is an accommodation to match any need. We hope you’ll come visit soon. When you’re in town, stop in and we’ll gladly show you around!

Erin Phelps

Fidler & Co. photo credit: Alexandra Whitney Photography

6 Reasons to Visit Gettysburg (They’re Not What You Think!)

In the heart of one of the most hallowed battlefields in the United States sits a small town bustling with life and experiencing a renaissance of its agricultural roots. Long famous for the battle, Gettysburg is proving that it’s got much to offer, with alluring food and winery excursions and more.

Read on to learn more about Gettysburg’s food and wine scene and how Savor Gettysburg can show you a one-of-a-kind tasting experience.


Adams County Winery

Join a Savor Gettysburg Wine and Dine Tour and sample wines from the fifth-oldest operating winery in Pennsylvania. Nestled against the South Mountains, the climate is perfect for grape growing. With three tasting locations, visitors can relax and sample wines in downtown Gettysburg at Wine Shop at 25C. 25 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, (717) 334-1381

Hauser Estate Winery

Opened in 2008, Hauser’s fertile farmlands, previously home to acres of apple trees, now boasts an expansive vineyard. Hauser is also home to Jack’s Hard Cider, produced and canned on-site using Adams County apples. Shortly after opening, Hauser debuted an ancillary shop, conveniently located in downtown Gettysburg at 17 On the Square. Gettysburg visitors can sample and enjoy the fruits of Adams County agriculture without leaving town. 19 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, (717) 334-4888

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Reid’s Winery Tasting Room and Cider House

You surely can’t go wrong if you visit Reid’s, located conveniently in downtown Gettysburg. Reid’s features a wide variety of handcrafted red, white and fruit wines, as well as a growing line of hard ciders or traditional Farmhouse Cider. Sit back with a drink and a snack while enjoying the unique coziness of the tasting room. 400 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, (717) 334-7537

Knob Hall Winery

Located in Maryland, Knob Hall is opening a tasting room in downtown Gettysburg in the historic birthplace of Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. With a French-style influence, Knob Hall rounds out the Gettysburg tasting rooms and offers another superb local wine experience for visitors. 242 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, (717) 420-5171 (Note: the tasting room will be relocating to 100 Chambersburg St. at the end of May 2016.)


Beech Springs Farm

Second Sunday suppers at Beech Springs Farm offer an organic farm-to-table dining experience that’s second to none. With a pastoral backdrop and a rustic barn setting the atmosphere, guests are treated to drinks on the deck, live music, warm hospitality and featured local and sustainably grown food. 784 Mt. Carmel Rd., Orrtanna, (717) 642-5695

Gettysburg Beech Springs

Food 101

Continue your agricultural tour of Gettysburg with a stop in to Food 101, where a changing menu highlights the new American cuisine. Relax in the cozy dining room at either a small table for a more private experience or a communal table. Fresh ingredients, delectable desserts and artisan pizza make this stop a hit for even the most discerning diner. 101 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, (717) 334-6080

To experience the amazing food and wine from any of these local businesses, join Savor Gettysburg on a tour and let us do all the work! Tours are offered 5–8 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays through Memorial Day at $69 per person (21 and older). Visit Savor Gettysburg to order tickets.

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