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Eat…Walk…Get A Taste of History…

At Savor Gettysburg Food Tours, we feel there’s no better way to see the town you’re visiting than to eat your way through it.  Enjoy a culinary and cultural experience through historic downtown Gettysburg – One Delicious Taste At A Time!

Savor Gettysburg Food Tours now offers TWO unique culinary experiences:

Our HISTORIC DOWNTOWN FOOD TOUR offers an unmatched 3-hour food tour and tasting experience coupled with a cultural and historical tour of the town. Join us as we weave fascinating town stories paired with the most delectable culinary delights. Experience the true taste of downtown Gettysburg’s most loved ethnic and family-owned eateries. Experience the food, rich history and culture in a way that only Gettysburg can offer.

We’re excited about Gettysburg’s food and wine scene!   Try our new WINE, CIDER AND DINE TOUR.  We like to think of it as the new culinary frontier where food, wine and history come together to create a most delicious experience. Gettysburg is proud to showcase four distinctive wineries, all of which have a tasting room location within our downtown area coupled with a handcrafted artisanal food experience at Food 101. Adams County is well known for its agritourism. Vineyards and family farms grace our backyards and represent the early settlers who cultivated and nurtured these fields since the early 1800’s. Come join us for a one-of-a-kind tasting experience of great wine, great food and great history!


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