New food tour launches in Gettysburg, PA. Latest experience takes participants from the field to the fork

If you are looking for a truly unique agricultural food experience, join us on our newest adventure as we travel the back roads of Adams County and visit some of our local farms.  At each location, you will harvest ingredients that will be used to prepare a deliciously fresh meal at our journey’s end.  From visiting a local dairy where Alpine goats roam on open pasture and you will learn about how artisan goat cheese is made, to visiting an orchard where you will harvest fruit from their pick-your-own orchard and sample wine and cider in the orchard’s wine cellar, to harvesting herbs and vegetables direct from a CSA garden, learning about how Shiitake mushrooms are grown and bees are raised to collecting eggs from free range chickens, your day will be packed full of farming experiences.   At your final destination, an area chef will combine all of the products collected throughout the day into a fabulous meal that will be served (weather dependent) under the spreading arms of the farm’s enormous maple tree.  A late afternoon return to Gettysburg with tummies full and the memories of a day full of unique farming adventures will complete this truly rare field-to-fork experience.”

Here’s a sample of some of the locations that we visit:
We’ll first visit Caprine Delight, located less than four miles west of Gettysburg, for a farm tour and to purchase artisan goats’ milk and cheese for use later in the day in the kitchen. With Alpine dairy goats roaming on rotated pasture, Caprine Delight is thrilled to introduce you to its fresh, natural and delicious goat milk and cheese.
We’ll travel another six miles into the heart of Adams County to Boyer Nurseries, nestled among rolling orchards. Family-owned and operated since 1900, Boyer offers flowers, shrubs, trees, pick-your-own seasonal fruit and a stocked fruit market. You will learn more about this family business, have a chance to harvest seasonal fruit and visit the nurseries’ new wine/cider tasting room featuring cider made with Boyer’s own delicious apples.
We’ll then cross Adams County to Beech Springs Farm, where farmer Jayne Shord will greet you, show you her garden and explain how she created her CSA and started providing her seasonal produce and fruit to local restaurants. You will then have the opportunity to hand-pick and wash seasonal vegetables and herbs. An added bonus: you’ll learn all about the bee-raising process, including harvesting the honey.
We’ll head up the road to visit Jayne’s neighbor and fellow farmer, Peter Bugler. Peter will explain how he inoculates logs to produce shiitake mushrooms, and everyone will have a chance to pick the mushrooms directly from the logs. You will also select freshly laid eggs.
Back at Jayne’s farm, you’ll have an interactive demonstration with a local/regional chef to prepare a meal based on all the fresh ingredients gathered throughout the day. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, you’ll enjoy your feast under the big maple tree.  

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