5 Reasons to Take Our Gettysburg Farmer’s Market Tour and Cooking Class

If you haven’t been to a farmer’s market lately or you go but aren’t quite sure what you are looking for or want confidence to try a new recipe with fresh ingredients, then our Farmer’s Market Tour and Cooking Class is for you! Let’s talk through a few great reasons why, shall we?

1. Fresh, local produce is the bee’s knees.

Not only Gettysburg, but Adams County overall, is known for its agriculture. The fresh meats, cheese, produce, wines and craft beers are available at your fingertips! The easiest way to make your food creations taste gourmet is to use high-quality, fresh ingredients. Boom—done.

2. Support local artisans and farmers.

When perusing the Gettysburg Farmers’ Market you are shopping from our neighbors. Instead of putting your dollars into the register of a corporate chain organization, put your dollars locally. Purchasing that bunch of beets or that bag of lettuce is what helps keep our community stay the vibrant, cultured and healthy place is it. Let’s shop local and buy local!

SG farmers market

3. Let someone else guide you.

So you go to the farmer’s market and you feel lost. Harumph. We are here to help! Join us for the Gettysburg Farmer’s Market tour and cooking class and shop with a purpose. Visit the vendors with the keen eye of a chef and learn how to pick and choose (and substitute) ingredients that make your mouth water. We promise it will be fun and eye opening!

4. Learn to cook like a chef.

Don’t worry—once we shop we’re not leaving you high and dry. Oh no—you’re coming with us! We’ll go to the Adams County Arts Council kitchen and have a full lesson on how to prepare your farmer’s market treasures and reap the incredible rewards with a three-course meal. With guidance from locally esteemed chefs, you will have a chance to learn and develop new cooking skills and techniques. The goal of our tour is to create an intimate and pleasing experience so that you walk away confident and inspired to shop the farmer’s market and create new dishes in your own kitchen.

SG string beans

5. Pair like a pro.

Ever wonder how everyone seems to know how to pair food with wine? Let the chefs demystify this process while inviting you to explore the nuances in taste and flavor, and you’ll leave with a better grasp on this concept.

We’re excited to offer this offshoot of the Gettysburg Farmers’ Market running monthly through October with upcoming dates of July 16August 20September 17 and October 15 in the kitchen at the newly built Adams County Arts Council facility. Featured chefs include Chef Jeremy Schaffner with SCAAP, Chef Jeremy Jones with Knob Hall Winery and Chef Jennifer Williams with Food 101. Come see what it’s all about and discover more to love about Gettysburg. We hope you’ll join us!

Erin Phelps

Photos credited to the Gettysburg Farmers’ Market

As for me, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

Caribbean beach
Parasailing in the caribbean

The world is my playground!  I like to think of myself as somewhat of a lightly seasoned traveler (no food pun intended).  I pride myself on crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s when it comes to travelling to a new destination.  Having all the resources at my fingertips really gives me a sense of confidence and control and allows me to carefully plan a great trip.

While enroute, the anticipation builds, and the thought of what’s to come is overwhelmingly exhilarating.  Will all my hard work and research pay off? Are these destinations and events that were recommended really just what we were looking for? With that said, I believe there’s a big difference between seeing the sites and experiencing a destination.

In years past, every place I visited I would always bring home the perfunctory tchotchke as a remembrance of my visit.  Not to say that I still don’t, but I’m a bit more selective.  These days, maybe age has something to do with it, but now I find myself always in search of a truly unique experience.  Something I can sink my teeth into that will create an everlasting memory.  I store it up for those long dreary gray days in winter where I can sit back, sip on a hot cup of cocoa and reminisce about the experience that left chills on my skin, or brought an ear-to-ear grin on my face, or just left me in awe.

Experiences such as hiking the Smoky Mountains and soaking in the incredible views that simply take your breath away, skimming the trees while zip-lining mountain to mountain in Asheville, NC, a mule ride down the side of a mountain in Molokai’s once infamous leper colony, experiencing a culinary sensation after shopping Charleston’s farmer’s market and having some of the top award-winning chefs cook a meal from your purchases, skiing down Mt. Zermatt and being picked up at the end in a horse-drawn carriage and taken to the local pub are memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


T-shirts fade and cups break.  As for me, I will continue to travel the world and seek out the unknown offbeat experiences that make a destination truly unique and memorable.

An Ounce of Prevention: Getting the Most from Walking Tours

You want to visit Gettysburg and take in all the history our little town has to offer. You book a tour and are super excited. And then on the tour you realize you didn’t plan accordingly and find yourself focusing on the heat and your sore feet and not on the quaint buildings or the gorgeous pastoral views. We at Savor Gettysburg are here to help!

Our walking tours comprise a few delightful hours visiting unique eateries, historic taverns, family-owned bistros, ice cream shops and winery tasting rooms. Although the tours are not physically intense, they do include about a mile of noncontinuous walking. Depending on the weather and the season, this could mean heat, rain or a chilly evening. Here are some often-overlooked tips on how to get the most out of your tour.

Proper Footwear (No stilettos, ladies!)

There is really not much worse than being on a walking tour and wearing cute shoes that are cutting into your feet. Think about the shoes you own that are best for walking, will keep your feet warm (or cool) and will still pass muster for fashion.

turn on the sidewalk in the city

Appropriate Layers (And we’re not talking cake!)

Think back to when your parents got you ready for school and you wore a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket. Keep that in mind. You will work up a bit of a sweat if touring in the summer, but remember that once inside you may get chilly in air conditioning. Alternatively, when touring in cooler weather you may want an extra layer for the walk that you can take off once inside someplace cozy. Perhaps bring along an extra layer or be prepared to remove an extra layer. Temperature regulation can have a huge impact on your enjoyment.

Sunscreen (Note: Lobster red is not a skin color.)

Oftentimes people think that being both indoors and outside over a period of a few hours means that no sunscreen is necessary. However, a 15-minute walk up a street with no real shade and a blazing afternoon sun can really take a toll. Protect, protect, protect. And don’t forget that the sun’s rays can still give you a burn on a cloudy day and in the winter. Apply sunscreen, please—not only for the sake of your skin, but also so you don’t feel dehydrated and hamper not only your tour but also the rest of your day.

drinking water

Water (= life)

Speaking of dehydration—water is your friend! Although our tours are food- and beverage-driven, you may want to bring along your own water to take a swig between stops.

Bag (FYI: Wine bottles won’t fit in a fanny pack.)

Whether it’s a shoulder bag or a small backpack, bring along a bag that you can comfortably carry along on the tour. You’ll be glad when you have somewhere to stash your extra layer, your sunscreen or your water. Also, if you purchase any food and beverage products along the way, you’ll have somewhere to store them for the rest of the tour.

SG umbrella

Take it from us—it’s better to be prepared than to wish you were prepared. We have hosted many people over the years, and we recognize the ones who did their homework and will truly be able to enjoy and focus on the tour. Be that person!

Now that we have you all set, contact us to book one of our walking tours! The days and times vary, as well as the venues we visit. Check out the options and find the one just right for you and your family or friends. We think you’ll find that Gettysburg’s most-loved eateries, combined with our town’s unique culture and history, provide the perfect recipe for a delicious, unforgettable hometown historic afternoon. We can’t wait to show you around.

Erin Phelps

Footwear photo credit: tereh/BigStock; water photo credit: michaelpuche/BigStock