Farm To Table dinners – a real work of Heart

2016 Dinner Poster


Beech Springs Farm is a small family farm, nestled in a hidden valley in South Central Pennsylvania.  It’s situated 10 miles southwest of historic Gettysburg, PA, and only 90 minutes north of Washington, DC, and Baltimore. 
The farm’s owners, Jayne and Bill Shord, have owned the farm since 2001 and offer chemical-free, Certified Naturally Grown heirloom produce for area residents who are members of the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Produce from the garden is featured at monthly farm-to-table dinners as well as weddings and special events.
Farm-to-table is no longer considered a trend, but in fact, a movement and a way of life that people have been adapting to gradually and have now come to expect. 
What’s interesting is that gardens are now sprouting up at restaurants all over the country. A mid-day harvest pick by the chef makes its way from the garden to the customers plates in a matter of minutes. Customers have come to expect nothing less than fresh organic produce, sans the laced chemicals. There’s a comfort and trust that happens when we build a relationship with the local farmers who grow the food that we consume. You can feel the integrity they put into their product. 
Beech Springs Farm is no exception. They began offering Farm-to-table dinners in 2015 as a way to educate and promote local sourcing of food. These dinners display the availability and abundance of local produce, meats, poultry, cheese and mushrooms that are in our own back yards.The Farm-to-table concept accomplishes this with style in a truly unique farm setting. They hold the dinners in their 1867 preserved historic barn. The dinners are their way of supporting other farms in Adams County and introducing their products directly to the consumer.
From May through October, on the second Sunday of each month, guests have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seasonal fare, artfully prepared by guest chefs. Each dinner features entertainment, creating a truly unique experience. For further information or to purchase tickets:

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